Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GOD is good! Thank you for your prayers.
Update to come this weekend!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little help from friends

Okay friends....I need a little positive thoughts, support, and prayers. I'm taking a big leap of faith over the next few days. I'm not quite ready to share exactly what it is (some of you already know), but would appreciate your prayers and support.
I'll let you know the outcome sometime next week. =)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Now that I have finished my Masters, Jay and I agreed that we wanted to use our refund money this year to go on a trip together. Now to decide where...Here are our choices:

A) Disney World in November (Thanksgiving Break/my birthday)

B) New York City for New Years

C) A cruise next spring

We can't seem to make up our minds!

Master of Education, Instructional Leadership

I finished my Master's degree in exactly 1 year! I loved my program and look forward to it leading me in the next step of my career. I will start the Ed. S program this summer!! I graduated with highest honors (4.0), a member of Phi Kappa Phi, and was chosen as the outstanding graduate student in instructional leadership.

Cake Update

Okay...so it has been a really long time since I posted cake pictures. I can't remember which ones I have and haven't posted so there are a bunch here. Enjoy! I apologize that they are out of order and all mixed up!

This was for sweet Caroline's first birthday.

John Michael's Halloween birthday cake.

Ella's Minnie Mouse cake

Helena Middle School thank you gift

Rachea's birthday cupcakes--White Chocolate "Over the Moon"

Rachea's birthday cupcakes--Coconut Lime Margarita

Katie Grace's Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Caroline's big cake

Dr. Brewer's surprise birthday cake

Back of Dr. Brewer's cake

Wedding shower cake

Wedding shower cake

This was a smash cake for a sweet 1 year old.

This was the big cake for her party. The theme was lil cupcake.

This is a cupcake bouquet that I made as a thank you gift for James Spann after he came to speak to our 2nd graders. It even made the evening news that night!

This is was the big cake for a 1 year old's baseball themed birthday.

This was his cute little smash cake.

This was for a little boy's 1st birthday. His dad is a baseball coach and the theme of the party was baseball.

This cake was for a friend of mine whose church was having a grand opening. The verse is their theme verse and on top of the cake is the church logo.

I forgot to take a picture of these before I boxed them up. These were for a sweet student of mine from last year. She was having a tropical themed birthday party and wanted flip flop cakes.

This is a chocolate version of my Alabama cake.

My first Alabama cake. I spent almost 2 hours shading the elephant in buttercream.

82nd Birthday

My sweet PawPaw celebrated his 82nd birthday the first weekend in May.

Home Sick

Who knew that you could have strep throat without a sore throat? My first symptoms were a killer headache, upset stomach, and fever. A trip to the doctor showed that I had strep. 2 shots and 2 prescriptions later, I had a prescribed day off from work to recover. It wasn't until my day off that my throat felt like it was on fire. Since my fever was still at 100 at 5:00 yesterday, I decided to stay home one extra day. I have officially caught up on all of the shows I had saved on DVR. Now I'm watching Julie and Julia and it made me realize that I hadn't blogged in a really long time. So get ready...here come a few entries on what has been happening lately.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I confess....I've neglected this blog. I check it often (or I should say I check my blogroll often) but I haven't posted in forever. So as my first post of 2010 I am going to post in the form of confessions.

I confess that I was sick and tired of grad school last semester. I had one class that I hated and one that I absolutely loved. I'm excited to be graduating in May but nervous about what the future holds. I think I am ready for the next step.

I confess that I absolutely adore my class this year. They are a huge challenge but I love each and every one of them. This doesn't mean that I haven't loved my previous classes, I have just really connected with this class.

I confess that if I could quit my job and open a bakery I would. I enjoy baking and have even become a little obsessed lately. There is a joy I get from being able to create something that makes somebody happy. I wish there was a bigger demand in the area. I wish I could do party planning and catering too.

I confess that I am sad about hearing about the death of Matt but I'm also mad at myself for not telling him how I looked up to him. The world is missing an angel right now. Matt gave so much of himself in his short time here.

I confess that I am still scared of death. There have been two people that I knew to die in the past month. One was brutally murdered and one died in a tragic accident. I also confess that I am still scared of the dark even after all these years.

I confess that I am perfectionist to a fault. The one area that I am not a perfectionist in, is one area that I should be. Our house is a mess. I keep reminding myself of the analogy of the juggling balls. Some balls are made of glass and some are made of rubber. The rubber ones are the ones you can let go and know that they can be picked up later and they will bounce back into place. The glass ones are the ones that if you let go they break, so you need to focus on them more. I am working on prioritizing things so that I am making sure I focus on those glass balls.

I confess that I miss going to church. I wish I could find another church that I felt at home in. The last time I felt at home in a church was when I was going to Discovery UMC. I wish my husband would go to church with me.

I confess that I am scared you will judge me, but I'm letting that fear go.