Monday, July 9, 2012

Laughing at the Devil

You is funny how you can look back at things and realize how it was Satan trying his best to throw you off task. I saw this happen just yesterday.
Jay and I are getting back into the habit of going to church weekly. We had gotten out of the habit while trying to find a church that was the perfect fit for us. But now with the baby, I feel it it more important than ever for us to find a home church and go often. The past few weeks we have been going back to my childhood church, Montevallo First United Methodist. We have enjoyed going and look forward to having John Thomas baptized there in a few weeks.
Well this weekend we had already established that we would be going to church Sunday. 5:00am Sunday morning I hear my phone ringing and think it is my alarm. I go to turn it off when I realize it is actually my phone ringing. I didn't know the number but answered it anyway (which I hardly ever do).
Me: Hello?
Dispatcher: Is this Holly Jackson?
Me: Yes
Dispatcher: This is the Alabaster Police. Are you still affiliated with Creek View Elementary?
Me: Yes
Dispatcher: We have been contacted by the fire department that the fire alarms are going off and they need a key holder. Can you respond?
Me: Yes (notice that I am still have asleep so all I can say are one word answers).
Dispatcher: How long until you can be there?
Me: 20 minutes
Dispatcher: I will let them know.

So I call my boss, who must have been asleep because he didn't answer. I left a message and then texted him what was going on. All the while I'm getting dressed, brushed my teeth, and packed up the baby to go check and see what was going on.
I was almost to school when the dispatcher called me back to let me know that the fire department had already entered the building, checked it out (no fire), and reset the alarms. I thanked her for letting me know but decided that I should still go check on things myself.
I spent the next hour walking through an empty school building  holding my sleepy baby checking out doors, closets, and making sure everything was safe. On the drive home I got to really enjoy the sunrise and have some quiet time.

By the time I got back home it was almost 7:00. All I could think about was going back to sleep. It would have been really easy to go back to sleep and miss church. But I had already made the plans to go and didn't want to back out on those plans. So I put to use that extra time to get a few things done around the house before getting ready for church. We had a great time at church and John Thomas is doing so well going to big church!

The more I thought about the morning events, I realized how much Satan was in action that morning. The early morning phone call, the fire alarms going off, the false alarm, and the hour spent checking out the school were all distractions to get my mind off of going to church. But John Thomas, Jay and I just laughed in his face and still went. I am thankful for the willpower not to succumb to these distractions!