Sunday, April 19, 2009

Defying Gravity

This week has been an exciting one. Jay and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Tuesday. I took the day off work to spend the day with Jay (and to go to a few doctors appointments--that's another post for later) . That night, we were treated to dinner by his parents and then the four of us went to see Wicked at the BJCC. There is only one word that I can use to explain the show...AMAZING! I was blown away by every aspect of the show. The talent was phenomenal, the set was intriguing, and the story line was fantastic. It was a very enjoyable night.
Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (sight of our first date and one of the places we visited on our engagement day).

Outside the BJCC at one of the fountains.
We were so excited about getting to see Wicked and thoroughly enjoyed the show. I enjoyed it so much, that I convinced Mom that we needed to go see it.
Before each show the box office holds a Wicked Ticket Lottery. You register your name and if drawn, you have the chance to win one of the best seats in the house (we sat on the 2nd row!!). The only rules are that you have to be present to win, show a picture ID, only allowed 2 tickets, and you must pay in cash. The best part, are lottery tickets are only $25 dollars! There were about 50 people there for our ticket lottery. They were down to the last 2 tickets and Mom and I had pretty much given up when her name was drawn! We won the last 2 tickets for Saturday night's show.
Randomly, I noticed that the lady working the box office was one of my sorority sisters. I had not seen her since I moved from Mobile. It was great to catch up with her for a few minutes.
We were talking to the couple sitting next to us before the show started, they happened to be lottery winners too. The told us that if you can find the stage door and wait a few minutes after the show, that you could meet the cast. Sure enough, within 20 minutes of the show we had met the entire cast. Here we are with the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Tom McGowan. He was really funny.
Here I am with Fiyero, Colin Donnell. He was very nice and down to Earth. We had some trouble with the first picture but he was nice enough to take another picture.
Me and Boq (Ted Ely). He was nice too but didn't talk as much.
Mom and Fiyero (Collin Donnell), like I said...really nice guy.
I was so excited to meet Elphaba (Marcie Dodd). She is amazing, beautiful, and incredibly talented. Unfortunately, my star-struck disorder struck again and all I could say was "You're amazing!".
Here I am with Galinda/Glinda, Helene York. She was the last one to come out, but like the others she was very nice. She actually came over to Mom and I first. I was really excited to meet her too. I am so impressed with with her vocal talent and comediac abilities.
Mom and Glinda, Helene York. I am so glad that we hung around and got to meet them.
Here are my goodies from last night. After we won the lottery tickets we were given a bracelet and button that we had to wear. When we met the cast, I had them sign my Playbill.

I am most excited about having my Playbill autographed. I have a feeling that we might be hearing from some of these actors and actresses again soon. Or atleast I hope we do!

If you are not familiar with Wicked, please watch this little video to learn more about it. And promise me, that at the first chance you have, that you will see it.

And for those who have seen Wicked, here is a clip of Defying Gravity that was performed at the Tony's. While it was done with the original cast and is fantastic, I honestly think that the version I saw in Birmingham this week was better! Helene Yorke and Marcie Dodd were so talented and had great chemistry on stage.