Sunday, June 28, 2009

Minnie Mouse Cake

I am so proud of how this cake and cupcakes turned out. They are for a sweet friend and her daughter. Her cutie pie daughter was celebrating her 2nd birthday.

Minnie Mouse cupcakes--chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, Oreo cookie ears, and fondant bows.

Minnie Mouse cake---white cake, vanilla buttercream....I forgot to take a picture of the final cake, I put a bow on the top layer to make it look more Minnie Mouse-ish.
Isn't she cute?!
I don't know why blogger always turns that picture sideways.

I had a blast making this cake. Thank you Holly B. for the opportunity!!!


Grace said...

how adorable! FINALLY, a cute cake that i might actually be able to recreate, even though i have less than zero artistic prowess. just lovely.

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your talent, but more than that, I am impressed with you. You are such a unique and charming young woman. God is using you in the lives of many...teaching, making cakes, administration... Continue to follow your heart.

Claire said...


Holly Browder said...

The cake was not only darling but quite delicious too!! Holly, you are amazing!! Laney is having her birthday in November!! I will be calling you again!

Rosado Family said...

I stumbled upon your site while googling Minnie Mouse Cakes. I have to say that cake and cupcakes are just adorable! They are by far the best I've seen.

I also wanted to comment that I love the music on your blog! While I was only looking online for cake ideas for my daughters birthday, I was surprised by some very inspiring and uplifting music. Thank you so much!

Holly said...

Rosado Family,
Thank you for the sweet comments!
I had a great time creating that cake. =)