Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Snapshots of a life

Snapshots of a life....
If you could imagine your life being summed up by pictures, what would you pick?

I thought about this tonight as I was riding home with my parents. Today my father said goodbye to his brother. Uncle Charles was treated to a beautiful memorial visitation service and graveside service in Selma. He was buried in his Sheriff's Deputy uniform. I know he would have loved today At one time today, I heard my mom whisper to my dad that his mom would have been so proud of him. It is in those private moments that I cherish the love and strength that my parents provide for each other and for me and my brother.
Today was harder than I expected for me. Throughout my life I was never really close to Uncle Charles and I regret that. I know he was a very private person, but he is my family. I cherished listening to all the stories being shared today. The hardest thing about today for me was the longing I felt to know my grandparents better. My grandfather died before I was born. My grandmother died when I was two. I got to spend some time with her and according to my dad she adored me. I so wish I could have known her better. As I walked through her house today and saw the pictures on the walls, the arts and crafts projects, her love for cooking, and her love for her family,I was reminded of myself. I am so excited to now own some of her old cookbooks and apron. To see her handwritten recipes in these classic cookbooks is beyond exciting for me.
Another one of my favorite moments of the day, was sitting and listening. Listening to stories about my dad, uncle, and grandparents that I hadn't heard before. I teared up listening to some and laughed loudly at others.

At the visitation, a video was shown of snapshots of my Uncle's life. From these moments I could tell you that he was a son, brother, uncle, friend, cousin, nephew, Sheriff's Deputy, cigar smoker, and a quiet man. You can view the slideshow here: Video Tribute. This is the tribute that had me thinking all day.

Rest in peace Uncle Charles. You fought the battle long and hard. You lived your dream of being a Sheriff's Deputy. May you be at peace now.

This entry was written on 9/9/09.

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Bailey said...

Holly, I am so sorry for your loss. Big hugs your way!