Sunday, December 7, 2008


This entry is probably going to end up all over the place, but life lately has been like that. The past week has been a week of ups and downs and extremely fast paced.

Lets start with the good news...I was accepted! Thursday, I had my interview for the Educational Leadership program at UM. It went really well and they even let me know there in the interview that I had been accepted into the program. I was also told that my portfolio had been the best this year and one of the best that they had ever reviewed! That made me feel great because I was really beginning to doubt myself because of all the hurtles I had to jump to apply for the program. Want to know what is even crazier...I am only 1 of 4 people who they accepted into the program. Yes, you heard me right, they only accepted 4 people into the program this time! How crazy is that? But since there is only 4 of this, they are putting us on a fast track and we will graduate in a year and a half instead of the normal 2 years. I am excited about this. I am ready to have my masters and I feel really good about this program. I have had a lot of support as I have told people about my intentions. I know it will be a challenge but I am ready to take it on.

Ok, now the sad news. A friend of mine from high school passed away this week. On Monday, his mom was unable to wake him and by Wednesday he had no brain activity. I have heard a couple of speculations as to what happened but I don't know the final story. His family made the tough decision to take him off of the ventilator Wednesday night and donate his organs. Please pray for the Barnes family, this has been a really tough year for them. I still can't believe that Wesley is gone. In high school, he was one of those guys that everyone loved. He played football and was always friendly to everyone. He had a great smile and sense of humor.
I wanted to go to his visitation Friday night, but I just couldn't. This is the first time that I have had people that I am close to pass away. Yes, people I have known have passed away and I have been to my fair share of funerals, but this year it has really hit hard that people that I am close to have passed away. I have a hard time dealing with death. First Linda and now Wesley, I just couldn't handle it alone.

Back to happy times, Christmas is almost here! I would post some pictures of my Christmas decorating, but it kinda looks like Christmas threw up in our house right now. There are decorations everywhere, one tree decorated, one that still needs to be decorated, and a mini Charlie Brown tree that needs to be finished. There is wrapping paper all over the floor, and a half finished It's Christmas Charlie Brown puzzle on the coffee table. Its a little overwhelming, I wish I could find some elf that would come and clean my house for me.

10 days of school should be fun. If I can keep their attention for 5 more days, I will be happy. That last week before we get out for the break should be fun. On Monday, we have a field trip, Tuesday should be normal, Wednesday we are doing "Christmas Around the World" as a whole day activity, Thursday is our annual Gingerbread House Extravaganza, and Friday is "Polar Express" pajama party day. That last week should be fun. I hope our classroom elf Max can keep up with all the fun. The kids have been so funny about Max. Each day, they look to see where he has moved, and if he has made a mess. On Friday, they were pretty sure he had changed clothes =) Oh the imagination of 2nd graders!


penny said...

I am sorry to hear of your loss...and the loss of a son,friend, and I have walked of my closest childhood friend passed away when I was pregnant with hit me hard... I could not believe shook me... but God will comfort he is always with us... I have had Linda on my mind the last few days... I want to email her my funny stories and hear hers... I hope and pray we can all get together this week...i am so thankful for our friendships... and I am praying for you all... soo yeah on school... I know you can do this...and you will be great at whatever you do.... Well good luck with Max...Elvis has stayed in one place the last few days... but he moved last night and jumped on our big tree with the boys underwear and socks strung up all over... they thought is was the funniest thing... I think I hear him in the pantry...:) have a good week... keep me posted!!

The Browders said...

I am so glad that you posted on my blog. Now I can read what is going on with you as well! It was great to see you over the weekend! I wish you the best as you start a new adventure!