Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Follow Up

My procedure today went really well. We arrived at the diagnostic center bright and early and I was seen fairly quickly. Those people have it down to a science. Everyone waits in the same waiting room and once it is your time to go back for procedures/surgery, your name is called, you are given some paperwork and told to take the elevator to the 4th floor. Once you step off the 4th floor, you are met by your nurse who immediately takes you back for bloodwork and pre-op. I was in my room in less than 10 minutes. I remember the doctor coming in and telling me what he was going to do and then making some small talk with the nurse. The next thing I remember, I am in recovery and the nurse asked what I would like to drink. About 5 minutes later I was driven (in a wheelchair) out to my mom and husband who were waiting for me in the car. What I did not know at that time was that they had already met with the doctor and gotten all of my discharge information.
From the esophagogastroduodenoscopy they believe that I do not have a stomach ulcer but instead have GERD. GERD is the lovely name for gastroesophageal reflux disease. They also did a biopsy that I should hear the results back from in 2 weeks.
Thank you for the prayers last night and this morning. Like I said, the procedure went really well. I have no memory of the actual procedure and my throat if only the tiniest bit sore. I have felt the effects of the sedation all day and have taken some might fine naps.


Anonymous said...

I have been through this very procedure and told the same as you - GERD. I take NEXIUM for my symptoms. While it works very well on my symptoms, it has some side effects. It causes me to have other problems several times a week. Thank goodness for Immodium.
I hope you do well.

JC said...

I am glad it all went well. I dont remember much of anything from the day I had a endoscopy. Its all for the best! Just enjoy some good naps and start taking your daily Zantac. I am glad you are okay.

Holly said...

Thanks for the support ladies!!!
They have prescribed Prevacid for me which has worked for me since April. The only thing I learned is that if I take it on an empty stomach, I will regret it (and see it again) in about 30 minutes.
Hopefully all will come back clear with the biopsy. I just find it odd that for 2 years my stomach has been hurting in 3 distinct places and it is all because of acid reflux?!

Holly Browder said...

How are you doing now??

Holly said...

I got the biopsy results on Friday and everything came back clear. It seems it is just normal gastritis and GERD and hopefully will clear up with the medicine!! Hallelujah!