Monday, January 5, 2009


I know I have asked for your prayers a lot lately (and thank you to everyone who has helped pray for those) but can you please add my sweet puppy Jack to your list? I know he is a dog, but he is so much more than that. He is a cuddle buddy, a true companion, a comforter, a second shadow. He would stay up and wait on me to get home at night, and would come to my bedroom door and check on me each morning. You can't eat anything in my parent's house without sharing a bite with Jack. He will hug your neck (no kidding) and make you feel completely loved. I should add that my cherished puppy will turn 13 on Saturday, but I am afraid he might not make it. Mom said that he is not doing well and had 4 seizures last night. (He has had seizures since he was a puppy, but I never remember him having 4 in one day) He has stopped eating and has laid around all day. His breathing is also getting very labored. I know he is old and has lived a good life, but I don't think anyone could quite understand the bond that dog has with my family. I worry about how my Dad and Mom will do without him. He is truly my Dad's best friend. Their bond is indescribable. Please pray for my family as we prepare for the inevitable and pray that Jack doesn't suffer.

PS--See the purple blanket in the pictures with Jack? At one time that was my blanket that my parents brought back from Cancun. Jack decided that it would be his blanket instead and would search it out to lay on it. I eventually turned it over to him and it could always be found on the couch or recliner for him to enjoy. He loves to be cuddled so much that when no one is around to cuddle with, he would "nest" himself in the blanket. I mean literally move the blanket around so that it resembled a nest before settling down in it.

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