Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meet Miss Priss

Today my parents picked up their new puppy Prissy. She is a 3 year old, long haired/broken coat Jack Russell Terrier. She is spunky, sweet, and oh so loveable. We were going to change her name but Prissy just fits her personality. I am in love with her already. She loves to ride in the car and LOVES to play fetch. Here are some pictures of our newest family member. She was moving so fast that it was hard to take good pictures and my camera battery was going dead so I didn't get many.
Miss Prissy

She LOVES to play.

Ok, this is my first attempt of using the video camera on my digital camera. It is not the best video but atleast you can get an idea about how much fun Miss Priss is. Sorry about the long back-end shot, I was trying to get the ball to throw for her.

I was filled with a mix of emotions when Mom called to let me know they were going to look at a puppy. I was excited at the prospect of a new companion but it made me miss Jack. When she called to let me know they were almost home with her, I got really emotional. I miss Jack and I know Prissy will never replace him, but I think she is going to find her own little place in our hearts. I'm attached to her already.

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penny said...

we like prissy... my niece has a prissy and dannah got a stuffed prissy... precious!!! enjoy!!!