Monday, March 16, 2009

Joy Journal

My principal at work encouraged us to start keeping a joy journal. Though I haven't quite gotten around to putting my thoughts on paper, I do try to find something each day that I am thankful for that brings me joy.

After a day filled with cleaning (I finished cleaning out my closest, the master bath, the guest bath, and started on the kitchen and master bedroom), I thought of my joy journal as a savored dinner tonight. Here is what brought me joy today....

I am thankful that both Jay and I have good jobs. I read so many articles today about the unemployment rate and the economy, and yet Jay and I are doing well for a fairly newly-wed couple. We have a house, 2 cars, and pretty much everything we need plus lots of stuff we want.

Along the same lines, I really enjoy having a husband who works in the meat department of a respectable grocery store. Since he has been working there, I have learned a lot about the various cuts of meat. It is also nice when he brings home top notch meat for us to eat. Here is a little tidbit for you...if you are in Publix and see "market ground beef" buy it! The steaks are supposed to be pulled 2 days before the expiration date to make sure only the freshest meat is available. The steaks (I'm talking rib eyes, t bones, filet mignon) that are pulled are ground into "market meat", this is a higher quality ground beef. It is usually sold at 1.99 a pound since it needs to be sold fast and they only make a little bit at a time, but it is the best "hamburger meat" you can get! I made spaghetti with it tonight, and my-oh-my it was good!!

Since I'm off on spring break and had spent most of the day working hard cleaning, I decided to have a glass of wine with my spaghetti. I purchased this bottle from a winery not far from my house. It was a 2007 Shelby Blanc and was absolutely delightful. It brings me joy to know that I can get such a great bottle of wine from a local vendor. I really don't drink much but I did particularly enjoy that glass of wine this evening. Here is a link to their website. I always feel so sophisticated when I go by their winery (ok, I have only been twice--but it is such a neat place!). Ozan Winery

So those are my joy journal thoughts for the day. What brought you joy today?

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