Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ode to Cupcakes

Oh cupcakes,

With your soft and delicate cake,

your creamy and sweet icing

Why must I love you so?

This was my latest culinary exploration. I have been looking at recipes for wedding cakes and icing. I found a really easy recipe for a white wedding cake (tight texture-small crumb, moist and tender cake with vanilla and almond flavorings) and an almond buttercream. YUM is about the only word I can use to describe these treats. I have tasted more than I should have and eaten WAY too much icing. I'm hoping I can get some sleep tonight and come down from this sugar high soon!

1 comment:

penny said...

yummy... i got a pan today ... it was just one size bigger than my little cute pan... so I might do two larger and one small... just stack and decorate each different... or two layers and keep it simple!