Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Big Picture Post

Jay and I just got back from our wonderful mini-vacation. We had a blast and even got a little Christmas shopping done. The trip was very relaxing and refreshing. I got to spend some time with my husband and my camera. Jay was very patient as I explored the grounds looking for the perfect picture. I have included many of the pictures from Monday and Tuesday. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. I think my favorites are the sunset pictures from the pier.

There were butterflies everywhere we looked today! Here are a few shots I was able to get. I guess this was part of the Monarch's migration south.

I set the tripod up hoping to get some good shots that I might use as a Christmas card. We had fun taking these pictures. A couple of times we thought that the white duck might join us in the shot.

The ducks were so hungry that they ate the fern.

Shhhh...the duck is sleeping.
Our friend, the hungry duck. He was not shy at all. While we were taking pictures he came as close as a foot away from us.

The bay was beautiful today. The water was calm and so blue. I wish it was warmer so we could have played in it. How calm and refreshing it was.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a November day. A green flag means everything is good and calm waters.

This is the Grand Cannon. The Grand Hotel has a long history and every day at 4pm the fire the cannon in honor of the history. There is a whole story that goes with this but I don't remember it, sorry!

This was a cute little garden tucked behind one of the buildings.
I love the grounds at the Grand Hotel. And the swings are a perfect place to take in the beauty of the bay.

I had read about these fire pits that are lit each night for guests to sit around and enjoy. Monday night we searched for them but didn't find them. Tuesday while we were exploring, we found them! They were one more building over from where we stopped the night before.
Jay made a friend while we were exploring.
This is the Spa building at the Grand Hotel. This is the building we stayed in.

Okay so I realize that the pictures are out of order, but it was easier to upload them in order from my camera and I used two different cards.
When we arrived in Fairhope Monday evening, the sunset was in full glory. We stopped at the Fairhope Pier so I could take some pictures. Personally, I think they are beautiful. The fiery colors of the sky were amazing and you can see the transition to a cool evening.

This boat was for sale. Jay and I hope to one day own one like it.

I am really excited about how these two pictures turned out. This was my attempt at some artsy composition pictures. The sunset was gorgeous that night.

The sun was setting fast and I knew I didn't have time to set up the tripod so we took this picture ourselves holding the camera. We always take a picture at the Fairhope Pier. This is the latest installment.

Yes, the pool is still beautiful in the fall. Would you believe that there were people swimming in it the next day?!
These two pictures are of the marina that was outside of our building.

These are two of the original doors from the Grand Hotel. They have even withstood hurricanes.

I had wanted to stop by the USS Alabama to see some old friends but the crowd there was overwhelming. So I took some pictures as we drove past.

These next few photo's made me sad. First, when we arrived at Point Clear on Monday night, we were so excited about a yummy meal at Gambino's. Much to our disappointment, this was the sign that we saw...
No Gambino's for us! Then on Tuesday, we we decided to stop by Picklefish to get pizza to bring home. But guess what! It has closed too! Whats the deal?

So as you can see, Jay and I had a fun mini-vacation in Fairhope. We are already planning a return trip before Christmas.

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Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

Beautiful pictures....I LOVE Fairhope. My aunt and uncle live there, and we get to visit fairly often. What a treasure it is!

Looks like you are really enjoying married life....Have a Happy Thanksgiving!