Monday, November 3, 2008

Chasing a dream

I am so glad that tomorrow is Election Day. Anxious, yes but glad that all of this will be over soon. I have enjoyed getting to teach my students about the election process without going into choosing candidates.

Before I tell you this...please promise that you won't laugh.
Okay...I have decided to pursue a dream of mine.

I think most everyone knows how much I LOVE to cook. As much as I love cooking, I love teaching children to cook even more. I recently (as in yesterday) found out about an opportunity to audition for the Food Network. The Food Network is my favorite tv network and it is my dream to one day have a show that airs on the network. Well, I have 10 days to complete my application and tape my video to submit. I have wrestled with doubt all day today but in the end, I realize that I will never have the opportunity if I don't try. So, keep your fingers crossed for me and I will keep you updated on the process. Pray that I don't go crazy in the next few days filling out the mounds of paper work and taping my sales pitch.

In other news...Jay is in full swing at his new job. The pay is better, benefits are much better, and he has such great possibilities ahead of him with it. The hours aren't great (especially by not quite newlywed standards) but we are learning to adjust. Jay has been hired by Publix to be an assistant meat cutter. This is an entry level position but has great potential. Right now he is working as the seafood specialist, so if you are at the Alabaster Publix, please stop by and say "hi!" We are hoping that he will be fully trained as a meat cutter so that when the new Calera store opens, he can transfer to that store as a meat manager.

Please don't forget to vote tomorrow. It is your choice as to who you vote for, but be sure to vote one way of another!

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