Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mini-Vacation, Here We Come!

My sweet husband and I are off to a quick vacation to Fairhope tomorrow. I am beyond excited. I need a break. He deserves a break (after his crazy schedule at the new job). When we chose the Grand Hotel as our honeymoon vacation, part of the reason was because it was close enough that it could be a special getaway when we needed. So I am excited about our trip to Fairhope tomorrow and our stay at the Grand Hotel. This is part of my birthday present. Yipee!!

We are looking forward to beautiful scenery, restful and peaceful sleep, yummy food, and a trip filled with laughter and memories. We don't really have any plans for when we get down there except for our meals. Of course we have them planned out already. Monday dinner at Gambino's, Tuesday lunch at Panini Pete's, and Tuesday dinner at The Oyster House. And on the way out, we will get Picklefish Pizza to bring home. Can you tell that we like to eat?
I'm sure we will make a visit to the Fairhope Pier and take our picture (something we do every time we are there), and we will probably go to our bookstore in downtown Fairhope and visit some of the other little shops. I would really like to tour the cathedral in Mobile. I have always wanted to do that and the one time I almost got to, Mass was going on and I wasn't going to interrupt.

On another note, here are a few pictures I have taken recently.

Mom and I at the Centrala Garden Club Tablescapes luncheon.

Mom and her table. I was my Dad's idea to do a John Deere themed table. I thought it turned out really cute!

One night while Jay was at work, I decided to be Suzy-Fix-It and change a burned out light bulb. Well, I pulled on the light fixture and nothing happened so I started turning and it kept turning. I thought I was doing everything right, UNTIL the light fixture came out of the wall! Imagine my surprise! I was stuck on a ladder at home by myself with a light fixture in my hands. Luckily, I just happened to have my cellphone in my pocket and I called my parents. Mom and Dad came to my rescue! This picture was taken after I had pulled out all of the insulation that came down with the light fixture.

I took this picture Friday afternoon as I was leaving school. Aren't the leaves gorgeous! It is one of the many reasons I love fall!

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