Sunday, September 28, 2008

I know you!

So it seems that I have a couple of body doubles scattered around the state. It has been funny the conversations that I have had lately.

Tonight, Jay and I were at Olive Garden for dinner. This is the conversation we had with our waitress.
Waitress: I have been watching you all night and you look, act and sound just like a friend of mine.
Me: Really?
Waitress: Yeah, its so weird. My friend Holly is just like you.
Me: Really? My name is Holly.
Waitress: No way! How weird. I can't believe you are so much like her. But she doesn't live around here. She lives in Montevallo.
Me: I'm from Montevallo.
Waitress: No way!
Me: What is your name again?
Waitress: Alisha
Me: Thats kinda cool that you know someone who has my name that is so much like me.

For the life of me, I did not recognize this person. I did not recognize her name or her face and I'm usually pretty good with faces. But what are the chances that there is another Holly that lives in Montevallo that looks and acts like me?

A couple of months ago, I was in Hobby Lobby in Tuscaloosa with my mother in law. Across the store I hear someone yelling, "Hillary!". Well I ignored it because I didn't know who Hillary was. The next thing I know, someone is grabbing my shoulder and turning me around.
Girl: "Hillary, didn't you hear me calling you?"
Me: I'm not Hillary
Girl: Yes you are. You're name is Hillary.
Me: No, I'm Holly.
Girl: No, you are Hillary. You used to babysit me and my sister.
Me: No, I'm Holly and I've never babysat for two sisters.
Girl: Are you sure you are not Hillary? You look, act, walk, and talk just like her.
Me: (laughing) No, I'm Holly.
Girl: Oh my gosh, you laugh just like her. You have to be Hillary.
Me: No, I'm Holly.
Girl: (pretty upset that I'm not Hillary) Are you sure? You have to be her.
Me: (I was getting really uncomfortable at this point) I really need to go.

It was the weirdest encounter. She was honestly convinced I was Hilary and that I used to babysit her.
Later that day, while we were eating, the waiter made the comment that I looked familiar. We joked at the the table that maybe I reminded him of "Hilary".

Have you ever been mistaken for someone?

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