Saturday, September 13, 2008

What a weekend...

What a weekend it has already been! This weekend, my school hosted its' first fall festival. It was a HUGE success. Each teacher pod created a game for the kids so the school had games throughout the whole building. The gym was filled with inflatables (and fortunately we did not blow the circuit like we did this summer at camp). And the most fun part of all (for me at least) is that we had vendors set up down the main hallway. I got to host the Pampered Chef booth with Sarah. Sarah's daughter McKenzie was in my class last year. We had the best time getting to talk and catch up and then selling and promoting our great products. I made some unexpected sales and booked a few parties. I am so excited. It was great to see some of my previous students and my current students. The PTO did a wonderful job organizing the event.
Speaking of Pampered Chef, if you ever need anything from us or you would like to hold a party, please let me know. I have a website but I cannot directly link it here (against the rules) but if you type in www. and and then add /hollyjackson you will be taken to my website. You can order directly from my website and even view our outlet for some great discounted discontinued products.
If you have wondered why I write Live, Love, or Laugh at the top of each entry, is because that is the theme I have chosen for our blog. Those three words can describe mine and Jay's relationship and each entry centers around one of those themes. I hope you can enjoy reading about us as much as I enjoy sharing a little bit of our lives.

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