Monday, September 1, 2008

Wedding Pictures


I know the wedding was over 16 months ago, but I thought I would share some wedding pictures for those who haven't seen them. Jay and I were married on April 14, 2007 at the American Village in Montevallo. It was absolutely everything I could have ever dreamed of. Our wedding was simple yet wonderful. It was a ceremony filled with love for each other, love from our family, and love from our friends. We were blessed to have it officiated by Barry Kornegay, a long time family friend. His wife Paula played the piano beautifully and his daughter Elizabeth graced us with her angelic voice. Friends and family traveled from all parts of the US to help us celebrate our special day. This is only a few of the pictures, the ones that I had quick access to on my computer. Hopefully I will be able to post more at another time.

The entire wedding party

My beautiful bridesmaids: Jan (maid of honor), Caitlin, Carla (Jay's sister), and Crystal.
This was taken a few minutes after we saw each other for the first time. Since we decided to take pictures before the ceremony, we got to meet each other in the chapel alone first before the photographer came in. It was a very sweet moment.
Us and my parents

It was supposed to be really bad weather the day of our wedding. It rained for most of the morning but cleared up right before the ceremony. We were shuttled from the chapel to the reception site on golf carts. We were so happy!

These are a few of my bridal portraits. They were taken by Krista Stone a wonderful photographer from Calera.

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